Interoperability Communication

Raytheon JPS – USA

ACU 2000IP.

The ACU-2000 IP interoperability gateway includes SIP interfaces to digitally converge existing radio systems with SIP telephones, softphones, and other devices. This brings all of the advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to radio systems and adds radio functionality to SIP networks. The ACU-2000 IP is modular, completely scalable and field configurable. The system joins disparate voice communications systems, allowing them to be flexibly connected together, monitored, and controlled over an IP network via an intuitive graphical user interface (included).


Using the ACU-T Tactical Intelligent Interconnected System, a radio gateway can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet almost any interoperability application involving radios and telephones. Employing proven ACU technology, this lightweight, tactical system is suitable for LMT, P25, TETRA, HF radio, Nextel, Telephones, trunking and SATCOM system.


The ACU-M incorporates the features of our proven ACU technology into a smaller package ideal for mission critical deployment. When its comprehensive suite of DSP functions, the ACU-M offers significantly higher functionality than any of its competitive counterparts at a price that fits any budget. The audio devices interfaced to the ACU-M can be interconnected in any combination from three independent nets, to a single net with all users connected together.

TRP 1000 Transportable Radion Interconnect System.

TRP 1000 providers radion interoperability during mission requiring communications between organizations using different radios and frequencies. The system package consists of one or more transportable cases and includes multiple radio pre-wired to Raytheon’s ACU 1000 or ACU 2000 IP units. The TRP 1000 is completely self-contained with radios, antenna, power supplies and the ACU 1000 or ACU 2000 IP mounted in transportable cases. The system can be set up and operate in minutes to resolve the common interoperability problems of inter-jurisdictional communications. TRP 1000 DSP based speech recognizing VOX. Also a Real-time direct communications between multiple radio and telephones with Local Control Reliable via Windows-based computer program.

Wide Area Interoperability System ( WAIS).

WAIS or Wide Area Interoperability System allows users that operate on several different types and frequencies of legacy communications systems to communicate locally, regionally, or in systems that span entire states. The WAIS software provides first responder with that mean to connect their existing systems together to meet their operability and interoperability needs and avoid the otherwise costly and time-consuming task of purchasing new communications system for an entire region state, from any point on a network, a WAIS software user may configure, control and monitor any interoperability systems. Authorized users may configure, control and monitor unselected audio and communications with any entity via selected audio which provides a wide area interoperability communications platform for critical incident command and control that easily scalable.