Digital Video Surveillance

HGH-Infrared – France


spynelSPYNEL-X is a unique passive wide-area surveillance system, bringing unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats. It features the latest innovations in thermal sensing, integrated into a robust, field-proven mechanical design, and exhibits the highest performance in its category.


SPYNEL wide area surveillance systems are recognized as a major innovation in security perimeter monitoring. The SPYNEL-S features a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) focal plane array, exhibiting high performance, especially in warm and humid regions.


Spynel-C is a unique 360-degree wide-area surveillance system, producing real-time full panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. It provides powerful situational awareness through 360 degree visualization of the surroundings.


The Spynel-U is an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera system, with a high resolution 360-degree visible channel as an option. Spynel-U can detect a human at up to 2.5km, in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions.


SPYNEL-M is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Continuously capturing full 360-degree infrared images every second, it provides real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets such as UAVs, RHIBs, or crawling men.


SOLO4 – MicroVue.

MicroVue is a briefcase receive/recorder package for tactical video surveillance operations Additionally, it can be used as a remote video receive for UAV and UGV applications. The MicroVue combines a Cobham SOLO Receiver with two diversity down-converter and two antenna into one rapidly deployable briefcase kit. An 8.4” colour LCD screen is mounted in the lid , while a comprehensive touch screen control panel is supplied for control and set up.

SOLO4 – DropCam Transmitter.

SOLO DropCam Transmitter is an integrated rapid deployment wireless video surveillance solution, integrating camera, microphone, user data, battery and digital COFDM transmitter in to a single rugged housing. The DropCam is ideal for rapid deployment surveillance scenarios such as event or room monitoring or life and safety applications.

SOLO4 – ClearCam Deployable Camera.

The Cobham Surveillance ClearCam System is ideal for surveillance perimeter security ,fire control and CBRN applications. A robust PTZ camera designed specifically for rapid deployment, the on board status display gives at-a alances link status , confirming that the ClearCam is in range of the receive station.

SOLO4 – MultiVue.

MultiVue is a briefcase receiver package for team-based tactical video surveillance operations. Often
Used by first responder and emergency team, it simultaneously decodes and displays four separate digital video channel, for observation and co-ordination of team member in different locations at one time.

SOLO4 – Transmitter.

The SOLO4 Transmitter is a feature-rich COFDM digital video transmitter . The SOLO4 Transmitter can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidth allowing the user to trade off image quality against range to suite all types of misions.

SOLO4 – Rabust Transmitter.

SOLO4 Raburrst Transmitter unit is a feature-rich COFDM digital video transmitter, which can operate in a variety on transmission bandwidths allowing the user to trade off image quality against range, to suit all types of misions. Excellent range, performance and spectral efficiency are offerred when operating in the unique 2.5 MHz and 1.25 MHz narrow bandwidth modes.