IMDEX Asia 2011

16th May 2011

FEHM Group of Companies participation in the International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference (IMDEX) Asia 2011 in Singapore from 16 to 20 May 2011 has given a significant impact on the company’s image and credibility in promoting high technology and state of the art products. During the exhibition, we focused and represent our partner HGH France in promoting the InfraRed Panaromic Surveillance Camera System code name VIGISCAN.

The product, VIGISCAN allows to realize an infrared image of the space on 360° to be displayed on a flat screen (0° to 360°). Thanks to the high speed of rotation of the head (1 round/2 seconds), the VIGISCAN allows to make a real-time control of all the space. Contrary to the traditional devices where the operator has to direct manually the camera, VIGISCAN offers a global and immediate vision of the area to be watched. The infrared technology allows to be effective in the day and night time operations (even in dark night contrary to the systems with intensification of light). HGH not only conceived completely the mechanical, electronic and optical parts of the panoramic sensor but also developed the totality of the software of display with its algorithms of detection and automatic tracking. The software allows to visualize the totality 360 °, day and night, while tracking simultaneously an unlimited number of maritime, human and any ground targets including virtual perimeter fencing capabilities. The original running principle (rotary sensor IR with a linear detector) guarantees a very high resolution (quality of the picture), necessary for the performances of detection without distortion contrary to an image from a “classic” camera with wide-angle lens of type ” fisheye “.

It can be used for many applications ie. surveillance of ports, coastal, borders, airports, high security area or to be embarked on board warships or civilian vessels, Oil and Gas rigs as well as for security navigation. It is also an effective guard to alert any asymmetric threats (pirates, terrorists) against a ship or an offshore platform. It is a real passive and undetectable optical radar. The last version of this camera ( 2010 ) can detect wherever on 360°: human at the range of 3km, a boat/rib at 6km, a ship at 13km, a tanker at 20km.